Welcome to an International Seminar held by STERF and NIBIO

Thursday 7 March 2019 at Clarion Hotel & Congress, Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Norway

What can be done to improve sustainability and minimize risk associated with the use of chemical pesticides on golf courses?

The background for this seminar is the STERF project ‘Risks for surface runoff and leaching of fungicides from golf greens varying in rootzone composition and amount of thatch’ which is coming to an end in February 2019. We want to share and discuss with representatives for the golf industry, chemical industry and legislative authorities the outcomes and possible implications of this project and other related research projects at the European level.


Thursday March 7th 2019 at 09:00 to 15:00
Friday March 1st 2019 at 16:00
Participation fee 800 NOK incl. lunch for Golf seminar 7. March 2019

Activity is finished and you can no longer register.

  • 09.00 - 09.45

    Arrival, registration, coffee

  • Morning session

    Moderator: Bruno Hedlund, STERF board chairman

  • 09.45

    Sustainable golf course management related to Agenda 2030

    Bruno Hedlund, STERF

  • 10.00

    Enforcement of safe use of plant protection products on Swedish golf courses

    Marie-Louise Nilsson / Henrik Appelgren, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

  • 10.40

    Experiences with an upper limit for total pesticide use on Danish golf courses

    Anita Fjeldsted, Danish Environmental Protection Agency

  • 11.10

    Brief updates on the implementation of EU’s directive on sustainable pesticide use for golf course in other Nort-European countries

    Norway: Torhild Tveito Compaore; Norwegian Food Safety Authority

    Finland: Representative from Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Tukes

    (Other countries may be added)


  • 11.30


  • Afternoon session

    Moderator: Marianne Stenrød, department leader NIBIO

  • 12.15

    Risks for surface runoff and leaching of fungicides from golf greens varying in rootzone composition and amount of thatch’. Results from STERF project 2016-2018 (including a brief summary of previous STERF projects)

    Marit Almvik and Trygve S. Aamlid, NIBIO, Norway

  • 13.15

    Estimating pesticide leaching to groundwater from greens and fairways. Results from the Danish project PEST GOLF.

    Annette E. Rosenbom, Geological Survey for Denmark and Greenland

    Anne Mette Dahl Jensen, Copenhagen University

  • 13.50

    Short break / Refreshments

  • 14.10

    GREEN WATER: Decision support models for pesticide use on German golf courses

    Marc Biber, German Golf Federation

  • 14.30

    Towards a total pesticide ban on golf courses: The Dutch experience

    Niels Dokkuma, Netherlands Golf Federation

  • 14.50

    A Swedish case: The need for pesticides at Halmstad GC and results from a court trial regarding a total pesticide ban.

    Course manager Stefan Ljungdahl and Jonas Henriksson, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

  • 15.20

    Panel discussion: Towards more sustainable pesticide use on golf courses

    STERF director Maria Strandberg, all speakers and representatives for chemical companies:

    Moderator: Bruno Hedlund


  • 16.00

    End of seminar

For any questions please contact:

Trygve S. Aamlid

Elise Krey Pedersen


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