12th International Epidemiology Workshop


From Sunday June 10th 2018 at 13:00
To Thursday June 14th 2018 at 17:00
Wednesday May 23rd 2018 at 18:00

The Epidemiology Commitee of ICPP is pleased to announce the venue of the 12th International Epidemiology Workshop, in Lillehammer, Norway.


What is the International Epidemiology Workshop (IEW)?

IEW is the principal working group of plant epidemiology.  This is an organization with a rich history, and has met approximately every 5 years since 1963.  The regularly published proceedings of the IEW include recognized benchmarks of epidemiology.  It is this tradition of scientific excellence that we seek to continue by hosting the 12th International Epidemiology Workshop in Lillehammer, Norway.

A significant feature of this conference is that all participants meet as a unified group.   There are no concurrent session that would separate the group into subdisciplines.  All oral and poster presenters are specifically charged by the program committee to speak to a broad and diversely trained audience and to justify work in the larger context of plant pathology.  Our goal is not to discourage specialization, but to require effective communication of the breadth of research to an equally broad audience.  Our hope is that the conference will serve to foster multidisciplinary appreciation and collaboration.

The organizers of the 12th International Epidemiology Workshop take seriously their charge to continue the tradition begun in 1963 of convening a quality scientific gathering in an environment ideally suited to encourage discussion and stimulate research.  Thus, the objectives of the conference are:

  • Provide a forum for review and critique of major findings related to epidemiology since the convening of IEW11 in Beijing in 2013.
  • Provide a forum in which research on epidemiology can be discussed in relation to developments in other areas of plant pathology and plant biology, and an arena in which new and current ideas and concepts can be discussed in this context.
  • Stimulate discussion and speculation as to where future research efforts may encounter the greatest potential gain.
  • Produce a published volume that summarizes progress in the field over the past five years, describes current thinking in the area, and leads toward future progress.
  • Stimulate research in all aspects of epidemiology.



Early (before 15 January 2018

Late (after 15 January)

Regular participant

2700 NOK

 3500 NOK

Student participant

1950 NOK

 2700 NOK

Accompanying person(s)

2300 NOK

 3100 NOK


Registration fees cover all tours, entertainment and gala dinner, and publication and library distribution of the conference proceedings. Payment for registration can be made using any major credit card.

NOTE:  Registration for IEW12 is limited to 100 participants.  Your early response will insure participation, reduce your costs, and will greatly facilitate planning of the workshop.  Registration fees are completely refundable up to 15 March 2018, so consider registering now.  After 15 March 2018, cancellations will receive a 50% refund up to 15 April 2018.  Registration fees are not refundable after 15 April 2018.  No registrations can be accepted after 15 April.



Rooms for IEW12 participants have been reserved at Lillehammer Hotel. The hotel is a fully equipped conference hotel, located above Lillehammer town, on the northern shore of lake Mjøsa.   All parts of the meeting program will take place in the hotel.

Per person hotel costs for all IEW12 attendees, including students and accompanying persons, are 1545 NOK/day.  This price includes all meals with the exception of the final night gala dinner, which is included in the cost of registration.  This is an exceptional value for a 4-star resort, and at present exchange rates equates to approximately 166 EUR or 198 USD/day.

Room reservations should be made by contacting the hotel directly as soon as possible (47 61 286 000).  Be sure to mention IEW12 while making your reservation to receive the above discounted rate.

 View across lake Mjøsa south of Lillehammer

Travel to Norway and to Lillehammer

The Oslo airport (OSL) is Gardermoen, and is served by most major international airlines, with direct flights and convenient connections worldwide.  Lillehammer is 147 km north of Oslo airport Gardermoen and is conveniently reached in 1 hour and 40 min by train, directly from the Oslo airport for approximately 300 NOK.  Tickets may be purchased by credit card at the station beneath the main terminal at the OSL airport.


The Organizing Committee

 Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

               Arne Stensvand,  arne.stensvand@nibio.no

               Berit Nordskog,   berit.nordskog@nibio.no

               Andrea Ficke,      andrea.ficke@nibio.no

               Belachew Asalf,   belachew.asalf.tadesse@nibio.no


Cornell University

               David M. Gadoury,  dmg4@cornell.edu


Publication of the conference proceedings

We plan to publish the proceedings of the conference through NIBIO and NMBU.  The proceedings would be assigned an ISBN and would be distributed to agricultural libraries worldwide.  All registrants are required to prepare a 2-page summary of their work for inclusion in the proceedings.   Detailed instructions for authors will be provided in a later circular.

Statement of Intent to participate

Please fill in this form as a statement of interest to participate in IEW12.  This is a non-binding statement of interest to attend and participate in the workshop. To assist the organizers in planning the best possible event, it is important that you reply as soon as possible.  Your reply will be followed in the near future by an invitation register for IEW12.  



Lillehammer Hotel, Turisthotellveien 6, N-2609 Lillehammer
From Sunday June 10th 2018 at 13:00
To Thursday June 14th 2018 at 17:00
Wednesday May 23rd 2018 at 18:00
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Preliminary Program

The program will be developed by the convenors and a program committee based upon previous meetings of IEW.  The overall goal is to provide a schedule with adequate time for presentation and discussion, and to provide the most appropriate venue for the delivery of a particular oral or poster presentation.  Active participation in the form of oral or poster presentations is expected of all IEW12 registrants.  It is important to note that the format for this meeting is unlike that of a general meeting of a scientific society such as ICPP or APS.  The expectation is for a more equitable balance of time between effective communication of research, and deliberative and meaningful discussions of that work.

The official language of IEW12 is English. 

Although there is no formal program for accompanying persons, they are encouraged to join us for all the evening events.  Rental cars are available from major agencies at the OSL airport, and in Lillehammer.



  • 2018.06.10

    Sunday afternoon - Arrival, Welcome to Lillehammer

  • 2018.06.11

    Day one, Monday

  • 2018.06.12

    Day two, Tuesday

  • 2018.06.13

    Day three, Wednesday

  • 2018.06.14

    Day four, Thursday

    Full day programme at Lillehammer

    Departure 17:00 hrs


For Questions about IEW12, please fill in this form.


The Organizing Committee


Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

Arne Stensvand


Berit Nordskog


Andrea Ficke


Belachew Asalf



Cornell University

David M. Gadoury


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