NIBIO avd. for økonomi og samfunn planlegger å arrangere et 2,5 dagers kurs i Simetar i Raveien 9, Ås i dagene 15-17 april 2020.

Det ble arrangert et tilsvarende kurs i NILF sammen med NJF (Nordisk Jordbruksforskeres Forening) i 2004. Det er kommet ny programvare siden den tid, den som skal benyttes kjøres på Office 365, og det er en del andre endringer som gjør at det er behov for et nytt kurs.

Simetar (SIMulations and Econometrics To Analyze Risks) er en Excel-add-in programvare for risikoanalyse og programmet er nokså teknisk. Det kreves over gjennomsnitt kjennskap til Excel for å delta og kurset blir på Engelsk.

Prof emeritus James Richardson fra Texas A&M uni kommer over for å holde kurset.

Målgruppen for kurset er primært forskere som skal benytte det i forskjellige vitenskaplige artikler, f.eks. denne artikkelen:

Kursdeltakerne må selv ordne med finansiering av kurset og James har gitt en pris på US $ 1550 per deltaker. Det inkluderer også programvaren som installeres på deltakernes PCer. 

Det er plass til maksimalt 10 deltakere.

Interested participants should contact James Richardson at prior to March 1st so arrangements can be made to install Simetar on their computers and make payment for the workshop.



Fra onsdag 15. april 2020 kl. 08.00
Til fredag 17. april 2020 kl. 12.00
Fredag 28. februar 2020 kl. 12.00
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Simetar 5 FAQs

  • 1.

    Will Simetar 5 work with Office 2011 for Mac or Office 2016 for Mac?

    No. Simetar 5 will not work natively on a Mac.

  • 2.

    How can I run Simetar 5 on my Mac?

    To run Simetar 5 on your Mac, you must use Windows. You can use Apple’s built-in Boot Camp utility, or paid third-party products like VMWare Fusion, or Parallels. Regardless of what product you use, you will have to purchase a Windows license for a separate fee. You will also need to purchase and install Office 2013 for Windows or Office 2016 for Windows.

  • 3.

    What versions of Office for Windows are compatible with Simetar 5? What Windows operating systems are compatible with Simetar 5?

    Simetar 5 will work on Windows 10 operating systems and other versions of Windows that fully support Office 2016. Simetar 5 is compatible with Office 2016.  It can operate on prior versions of Office, but those are not actively supported.

  • 4.

    Is Simetar 5 compatible with Office 365?

    Simetar 5 will work with Office 365 if it is a downloaded version. Simetar 5 will not work with the cloud version of Office 365.

  • 5.

    Can I use 32-bit Simetar 2016 with 64-bit Office 2013 or 64-bit Office 2016?

    Simetar 5 installer determines whether you Excel is 32 or 64 bit and loads the appropriate version of Simetar.

The proposed Simetar workshop would focus on basic simulation topics, based on the needs of agricultural and resource economists to add risk to an existing Excel model or to develop a new model.  The tools are all included in Simetar 5 and are easily accessed through menus or simple functions.  Simetar 5 runs in Microsoft Excel Windows 10 and other versions of Windows that fully support Office 2016.  Simetar 5 is compatible with Office 2016 and Office 365,  BUT Simetar only works with a down loaded version of Office 365, i.e., it does not operate with the 365 cloud/lease version of Office.

Topics to be included in a two and a half day workshop are based on my experience teaching Simetar and risk analysis for more than 20 years.  Additionally, I review most journal articles that use Simetar or use simulation to analyze risk, so I get to see errors people make and the topics I include are to help people avoid errors and facilitate publication of risk based simulation studies.

Proposed Topics

Multiple regression
Estimation of univariate probability distributions and their simulation: Uniform, Normal, Beta, Gamma, Empirical, GRKS, and a dozen more.

Estimation and application of multivariate probability distributions (these are a must for publishing journal articles).  This includes multivariate Normal, Multivariate Empirical, and multivariate copulas.  All of these functions are easily accessed in Simetar 5 and can be added to existing Excel models.

Scenario simulation so we can run alternative “What if …” analyses.

Risk ranking techniques: Stochastic Dominance, Stochastic Efficiency, StopLight, Risk Premiums (these are essential for a successful review in journal articles).

Model validation

Development of a stochastic simulation model of a farm that includes an income statement, cash flow and balance sheet.

Costs and Arrangements

I prefer a classroom setting with adequate table space for the participants and electrical outlets for everyone.  I prefer a schedule of 8 to noon and 1 to 5 for two days and 8 to noon on the third day.  If people are interested in more advanced topics they can be covered in the afternoon of the third day.

Assuming the meeting room is provided, the cost would be $1,550US per person with a limit of 10 people who have above average Excel skills and they bring their own computers.  I will provide handout materials of the slides used and a copy of Simetar 5 for each registered participant.  The Simetar 5 version the participants receive has no expiration date.

Technical issues

There are two versions of Office 365 and only the downloaded from MS works with Simetar. The Office 365 that is NOT downloaded will not work.  The Leased version of Office 365 is a cloud version which does not allow Add-Ins which is what Simetar is. 

To prevent problems James Richardson will supply everyone planning to attend the workshop with a trial version of Simetar 5 ahead of the workshop.  Moreover, ahead of the workshop everyone will have to install and make sure Simetar runs on their computers.  If a person cannot get Simetar 5 to install two weeks prior to the Workshop they can contact James Richardson to resolve their problem. This is necessary to prevent using workshop time to deal with technical issues.