Forest Growth and Yield Network Conference Ås, Hurdal and Drøbak in Norway.

13 – 15 June 2017.

 Forest management for the future Nordic and Baltic forest – increased biomass production, adaptation to climate change, and increased CO2 absorption and storage


Start of the conference: Tuesday 13th of June 2017, 11:30

End of the conference: Thursday 15th of June 2017, 14:00

Deadline for registration:    Wednesday 5th  of  April  2017


  Oscarsborg Fortress

Local contact person: Kjell Andreassen, Norwegian  Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO)


Dear Nordic and Baltic colleagues,

We hereby invite you and your colleagues to the SNS/Efinord Forest Growth and Yield conference from 13th to 15th of June 2017 in Norway. The conference is a very good opportunity to present/exchange research results, make groups for joint projects, and to meet the main Nordic network within G & Y research!


Program outline

  • June 13th: We meet at Oslo Airport Gardermoen at ca 11:30. We go by bus at 12:00 to a forest experimental site in Hurdal, and then to the hotel in Drøbak to continue the conference.
  • June 14th: Indoor presentations before lunch - excursion to a forest trial after lunch.
  • June 15th: Conference closure at 14:00. Public transport ca 1 ½ hour to Oslo Airport Gardermoen.


Grants and reimbursement

We have received a grant from SNS/Efinord covering travels in Norway, meals and accommodation for about 30 participants. Furthermore, we will reimburse all travel expenses for up to 5 PhD-students.


Researchers and PhD students

We would like you to invite relevant researches in your country to join the conference. There is room for about 4-6 participants per country. We encourage PhD-students and young researchers to participate. We need a list of delegates from your country/institution before 5th of April 2017 with registration due to the deadline for reservation of Hotel. We organize the Hotel booking.



We encourage and hope most of you can have an oral presentation within G & Y research! Poster presentations are also welcome. In case of a tight schedule, a committee will decide on ordinary (15 min) or short presentation (5 min). Those who are interested in giving an oral or poster presentation at the conference are welcome to send the title and a short abstract of about ½ pages by e-mail to before 5th of April 2017.


Best regards,

Kjell Andreassen1), Kjersti Holt Hanssen1) and Andreas Brunner2)

1)      Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy research (NIBIO)

2)      Norwegian University of Life Sciences





Registration form


Reenskaug hotel, Drøbak
From Tuesday June 13th 2017 at 11:30
To Thursday June 15th 2017 at 14:00
Wednesday May 24th 2017 at 12:00

Activity is finished and you can no longer register.



Experimental site in Hurdal with a 30 m high towe in the background for measuring carbon fluxes, climate, ozone and air quality. A lysimeter soil water experiment to the right.

  • Tuesday June 13

  • 11.00

    Meeting at Oslo Airport

  • 11.15

    Bus to Hurdal (34 km)

  • 12.00

    Lunch in the forest in Hurdal (picnic)

  • 13.00

    Excursion to a Level 2 monitoring experimental site

    Holger Lange: Carbon exchange measurements at a flux tower in Hurdal
    Wenche Aas: Monitoring of long range transboundy air pollution. The measurements at Hurdal in an international perspective
    Nicholas Clarke: Chemical elements in precipitation, canopy throughfall and soil water
    Kjell Andreassen: Variation of Norway spruce growth within a season and correlations with climate

  • 14.45

    Bus 5 min to a long term experimental site

  • 15.00

    Excursion to mixed spruce/pine plots

  • 16.00

    Bus to Hotel Reenskaug in Drøbak (11 km west of Ås)

  • 19.30

    Dinner in Drøbak

  • 21.00

    Voluntary walk in old town and harbor

  • Wednesday June 14

  • 08.00

    Indoor presentations

  • 12.00

    Lunch at hotel

  • 13.00

    Bus to a forest experiment in Østfold

  • 13.30

    Excursion and demonstration of the experimental site

    Per Kristian Rørstad and Bjørn Nordén: Transformation of forest on abandoned agricultural land for the benefit of biodiversity, bioenergy, and other ecosystem services.

  • 15.00

    Bus back to hotel

  • 18.05

    Boat transport from Sundbrygga to Oscarsborg Fortress (10 min)

    Oscarsborg festning

  • 18.15

    Sightseeing at Oscarsborg Fortress, the location of a historical and dramatic fight in the beginning of World War 2

  • 20.00

    Conference dinner at Oscarsborg Fortress

  • 21.45

    (or 22.45) Boat back to Drøbak

  • Thursday June 15

  • 08.00

    Indoor presentations

  • 12.00


  • 13.00

    Discussion. Closing remarks. Next meeting

  • 14.15

    Public transport (ca 1 1/2 hour) to Oslo Airport Gardermoen

  • 17.00

    Flight and return home




Kjell Andreassen,

Ellen Schei Pongo,


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