After a 4-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the NIBIO turfgrass research group is happy to invite to the International Turfgrass Field Days at the research station at Landvik, Norway. We are looking forward to two days with exciting discussions about new findings from our ongoing and recently finished projects, intensive exchange of experiences and inspiring walks along our field experiments. 

 DAY 1: Tuesday June 20, 2023
The first day we want to spend mostly outside and discuss what we experienced in the ongoing field trials. We will have a look at the field experiments of the following projects:

SCANGREEN - Testing of turfgrass species and varieties for Nordic golf greens 

SCANTURF - Testing of turfgrass species and varieties for Nordic sport fields and lawns 

GEVES - Testing of turfgrass species for lawns 

WINTERTURF - Understanding turfgrass winter stresses and identification of solutions 

ICE-BREAKER - Prevention and repair of ice and water damage on golf course putting greens 

ROBO-GOLF - Robotic mowers for better turf quality, reduced fertilizer cost and less use of fossile energy on golf course fairways and semi-roughs. 

FERDIGPLEN - Sustainable sod production using soil amendments 

FAIR-WATER - Towards better drought resistance, reduced water consumption and alternative water sources for irrigation of golf course fairways and other turfgrass areas 

To close the first day, Niels Dokkuma (European Golf Association) will give us an update on EUs outline for a new regulation on sustainable pesticide use, which most likely will affect turfgrass practice in the future. 

Day 2: Wednesday June 21, 2023
On the second day, we get together indoors. In short presentations, researchers and practitioners will inform about results and experiences in the projects IPM (Integrated management of important turfgrass diseases and insect pests on European golf courses), ROBO-GOLF and ICE-BREAKER. We are especially pleased to have Dr. Bruce Clarke, former ITS President and Head of Center for Turfgrass Science at Rutgers University, USA as keynote speaker. He will talk about “Recent achievements, new technologies, and imminent challenges for controlling dollar spot and microdochium patch in Europe and North America”.  


Social activities 
In addition to turfgrass issues, all participants are welcome on board the sailing vessel ‘Solrik’ for a trip along the Grimstad coast. The sailing trip is free of charge, thanks to the kind sponsorship of DLF, Husqvarna, ICL and Syngenta. For those arriving already on Monday (day before the Field Days), we offer a guided PRE-Tour on the research station Landvik including e.g., grass seed production, aquaponics, biodiversity / wildflowers, new vegetables, on Tuesday 20th of June 2023 (9:30 – 11:30). 

We are very much looking forward to this turfgrass event and warmly welcome all turfgrass fellows to Landvik! 

Randi Seljåsen (Research station manager Landvik) 
Håkon Borch (Head of the Department of Urban Greening and Vegetation Ecology) 
Turfgrass research group : Trygve S. Aamlid, Anne F. Borchert, Tatsiana Espevig, Karin J. Hesselsøe, Trond. O. Pettersen


From Tuesday, June 20, 2023 11:30 AM
To Wednesday, June 21, 2023 4:15 PM
Wednesday, June 14, 2023 12:00 PM

Activity is finished and you can no longer register.

International Turfgrass Field Days 2023

  • Monday 19th of June 2023

  • 18:00

    Informal get together and dinner at Apotekergården, Grimstad

  • Tuesday 20th of June 2023 FIELD WALKS

  • 9:30

    PRE-Tour Landvik research station

  • 11.30

    Registration desk open

  • 12:15


  • 13:00

    Opening - Field walk part 1

    Topics: SCANGREEN, SCANTURF, and GEVES variety testing, golf green establishment after winter damage, overwintering 

  • 14:30

    Coffee & cake

  • 15:00

    Field walk part 2

    Topics: Robotic mowing, sod production using soil amendments, water management 

  • “EU´s proposal for a total ban on sensitive areas”

  • 16:45

    Update on Eu’s pesticide sustainable use regulation

    Niels Dokkuma, European Golf Association (Switzerland) 

    Presentation and discussion 

  • 17:30

    End of the Field Day and leaving for getting to Grimstad harbor “Torskeholmen”

  • 18:00

    Sailing ship tour (3 hours with dinner)

  • Wednesday 21st of June 2023 SEMINAR

  • 8:30

    Welcome, NIBIO officials

    Keynote presentation 

    Recent achievements, new technologies, and imminent challenges for controlling dollar spot and microdochium patch in Europe and North America  

    Dr. Bruce Clarke, Rutgers University (USA) 

  • IPM project “Managing important turfgrass diseases using less fungicides or alternatives

  • 9:30

    Presentations and discussion Part I

    Introduction to IPM-GOLF 2020-30  
    Tatsiana Espevig, NIBIO (Norway) 

    Alternative methods to prevent and control microdochium patch on annual bluegrass predominant putting greens  
    Anne F. Borchert, NIBIO (Norway) 

    Integrated Turfgrass Management (ITM) in practice, a UK perspective 
    Christian Spring, STRI (UK) 

    Rolling to prevent microdochium patch 
    Martin Nilsson, Copenhagen GC 

    Effects of UV-C Radiation on dollar spot and microdochium patch on golf greens 
    Wolfgang Prämaßing, University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück (Germany) 

  • 10:40

    Coffee break

  • 11:00

    Presentations and discussion Part II

    Use of biostimulants in ITM programs on golf greens with microdochium patch pressure  
    Tatsiana Espevig, NIBIO (Norway) 

    Clarireedia spesies causing dollar spot in Europe and seeds as a source for dollar spot  
    Tatsiana Espevig, NIBIO (Norway) 

    Development of immunoassay for detection of Sclerotinia spp. and Microdochium nivale in grass  
    Yuri Lebedin, Xema (Finland) 

    An overall strategy for using alternative pest management techniques in turfgrass  
    Heikki MT Hokkanen, University of Florida (USA), and Aasatek Oy (Finland) 

    Experiences on using insect pathogenic nematodes for controlling leatherjackets and other Diptera on golf courses in Finland   
    Ingeborg Menzler-Hokkanen, University of Florida, Homestead campus (USA) 

  • 12:00


  • RoboGolf project “Best practice using light-weight robotic mowers on fairway and semi-rough"

  • 12:45

    Presentations and discussion

    Turfgrass quality, weeds and diseases as affected by robotic versus manual mowing
    Karin J. Hesselsøe, NIBIO (Norway) 

    Fertilizer requirement as affected by robotic versus manual mowing  
    Anne F. Borchert, NIBIO (Norway) 

    Large scale trials with robotic mowing on a golf course  
    Atle R. Hansen, Bærheim GK (Norway) 

    Large scale trials with robotic mowing on a golf course  
    Janne Lehto, Hirsala GK (Finland) 

  • 14:15

    Coffee & cake

  • ICE-BREAKER project “The critical spring transition: Clues for a rapid recovery after winter”

  • 14:45

    Presentations and discussion

    ICE-Breaker project – a short overview  
    Trygve S. Aamlid, NIBIO (Norway) 

    Cool-season turfgrass survival under prolonged ice cover  
    Eric Watkins, University of Minnesota (USA) 

    Understanding factors impacting turfgrass recovery following ice cover  
    Michelle Da Costa, University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA) 

    Improving knowledge and management of winter stresses on golf greens through remote sensing 
    Eric Watkins, University of Minnesota (USA) 

    Strategies for enhancing creeping bentgrass re-establishment following winterkill  
    Michelle Da Costa, University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA) 

  • 16:00

    Wrap up

  • 16:15


Documentation – photography during the event

Please note that photographs and short video clips are taken to document and profile this event. The images will be published on several platforms. Both in connection with the International Turfgrass Field Days 2023 and in other contexts in connection with NIBIO's activity. As this is an event, individual General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) consents are not required.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact
Anne F. Borchert
Phone: +47 41210568

Contact information

Local hostess:
Elise Krey Pedersen
Phone: +47 40622906

Turfgrass scientist:
Anne F. Borchert
Phone: +47 41210568

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