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Scandic hotel Hamar, Vangsveien 121, Hamar
From Monday June 18th 2018 at 19:00
To Wednesday June 20th 2018 at 16:00
Friday May 25th 2018 at 12:22

Activity is finished and you can no longer register.

  • Monday 18th June

  • 19.00

    Guided walking tour around Domkirkeodden

  • 20.00

    Dinner at Hamarstua Spiseri

  • Thursday 19th June

  • 08.30

    Welcome to Hedmark v/Haavard Elstrand, Director Agriculture and Food at the Country Governor's Office, FMHE

  • 09.30

    Internal BioWiseTrans Topics

  • 09.50

    Introduction to the workshop v/Bjørn Egil Flø, NIBIO

  • 10.00

    Bioeconomy in the Inland region of Norway v/Thomas Breen, Country Councellor, Hedmark Country Council

    Bioøkonomistrategi for Innlandet

  • 11.15

    Bus trip from Hamar to Budor

  • 12.00

    Lunch in the forest in Åstdalen, Ringsaker

  • 13.00

    Land use conflicts - Multiple use - Bioeconomy

    Utilization of a property and bioeconomy aspects; What do a forest owner think of the "new" bioeconomy?i ut

    The Commons and land use conflicts.

    Storfe i utmark - samhandling i et flerbruksperspektiv

  • 14.00

    Multiple Use in forestry and agriculture

    The outdoor activities and forest areas viewed from the Norwegian Trekking Association

    Coffee at Åkersetra campsite i Åstdalen

  • 15.00

    Tourism and land use conflicts

  • Bus to Sjursjøen

  • 16.00

    Split property rights

  • 17.00

    Return Hamar

  • 19.00

    Bus to Stange

    Dinner at Røhne Nedre

  • Wednesday 20th June

  • 08.30

    Fylkesmannen i Hedmark

    Suggested topics:

  • Skogfrøverket, Hamar

    From seed to advanced wood construction - climate benefits in a bibased economy.


  • Visiting Mjøstårnet, Brumundal

    The world's tallest building in wood

  • 12.00

    Lunch at County Govenor at Hedmark

  • 12.40

    BioWiseTrans topics

    Planning of the conference in Karlstad

Knut Øistad



Direction to Scandic hotel Hamar


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