Part II: “NIBIO topics in Plant Molecular Biology Research” 6.-7th March

6-7th of March Hotell Jeløy Radio, Moss

Key topics: Barcoding, population genetics, genetic diversity, quantitative genetic mapping, genome, phytobiomics, next-generation sequencing, DNA extraction, functional genomics, transcriptome, plant pathogen molecular interactions, bioactive compounds, metabolomics, epigenetics and proteomics.

 Deadline: Friday 23th February


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Jeløy Radio, Moss
From Tuesday March 6th 2018 at 11:30
To Wednesday March 7th 2018 at 16:00

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  • Day 1 - Tuesday March 6th:

  • 11.30

    Arrival and lunch

  • 13.00 - 16.00

    Session I: Plant and fungal genetic research

    1300 Welcome

    1315 Barcoding (May Bente Brurberg)

    1330 Genetic variation of invasive Japanese knotweed (Anne-Kari Holm)

    1345 Forest genetics (Tor Myking)

    1400 Epigenetic regulation of bud burst timing in Picea abies (Torstein Tengs)

    1415 Population epigenomics of forest trees (Igor Yakovlev)

    1430 Coffee break

    1445 Genotyping and association studies in the autotetraploid potato (Solanum tuberosum) (Jahn Davik)

    1500 Fungal secondary metabolism in the genome era (Erik Lysøe)

    1515 Applications of amplicon sequencing and metabarcoding (Marie Davey)

    1530 Morphological and molecular identification of nematodes (Marte Persdatter Tangvik)

    1545 Discussion

  • 16.00 - 18.00

    Session III: Metabolomics and bioactive compounds of plants

    1600 Investigation of bioactive compounds from plants (A. Elameen)

    1615 Effects of bioactive compounds on human cells and cell lines (Hanne Skomedal)

    1630 Effect of temperature and light quality on regulation and levels of adaptogenic compounds in Rhodiola rosea (Anne Linn Hykkerud)

    1645 Orbitrap-based plant metabolomics in NIBIO (Marit Almvik)

    1700 Discussion

  • Day 2 Wednesday March 7th :

  • 08.30 - 10.00

    Session III: Methodology workshop

    0830 Next-generation sequencing (Inger Heldal & Monica Skogen),

    0845 Quantitative PCR (Magne Nordang Skårn),

    0900 Plant gene technology techniques (Hege Særvold Steen)

    0915 Discussion

  • 09.30 - 11.30

    Session III: Phytobiomics and plant-pathogen interactions

    0930 Strawberry - Phytophthora cactorum interaction (May Bente Brurberg)

    0945 Defense priming in Norway spruce: from field experiments to RNAseq studies (Paal Krokene)

    1000 Phytobiomics and epigenetics (Carl Gunnar Fossdal)

    1015 Coffee break

    1030 Transcriptome changes in early soft rot infection of potato (Simeon Rossmann)

    1045 Fungicide resistance in Botrytis (Katie A.G. Nielsen)

    1100 Antibiotic resistance bacteria in wild plant species (Hans Geir Eiken)

    1115 Discussion

  • 11.30


  • 12.30 - 14.00

    Session III: Plant genetic engineering

    1230 Novel enzyme discovery (Jihiong Liu Clarke)

    1245 Recombinant enzymes produced in plants: advantages and limitations (Jan Hendryk van Eerde)

    1300 Multiple applications of machine learning in biological sciences (Jiangsan Zaho)

    1315 Short break

    1330 Defence priming in Strawberry (Raghu Badmi)

    1345 Genome editing in plants (Tage Thorstensen)

    1400 Discussion


  • 14.15 - 16.00

    Session IV: Working groups

    1415 Working groups

    1500 Presentations from the working groups and discussions


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Marit Almvik
Raghuram Badmi
Ana Beatriz R. Zanardo Botelho
May Bente Brurberg
Jihong Liu Clarke
Marie Davey
Jahn Davik
Hans Geir Eiken
Abdelhameed Elameen
Carl Gunnar Fossdal
Inger Heldal
Arne Hermansen
Anne-Kari Holm
Anne Linn Hykkkerud
Paal Krokene
Erik Lysøe
Tor Myking
Katie A. G. Nielsen
Daniel Rasse
Simeon Rossmann
Monica Skogen
Hanne Skomedal
Magne Nordang Skårn
Hege Særvold Steen
Marte Persdatter Tangvik
Torstein Tengs
Tage Thorstensen
Jan Hendryk van Eerde
Vilde Wiig Hansen
Igor Yakovlev
Jiangsan Zhao
Heidi Udnes Aamot