Welcome to EAPR2024

This is the first time Norway will host a Triennial conference of EAPR, the European Association for Potato Research, and the organizing committee is eager to make “the best Triennial conference ever”.

You are all very welcome to Oslo in July 2024 for the EAPR2024 Triennial Conference!

The website https://nibio.no/eapr2024 is open for registration including a call for abstracts. We have already 12 interesting keynotes on the program.

The headline for this conference is: Sustainable Potato production: advances and applications of Potato Research. We plan for 10 scientific sessions covering a broad specter of subjects related to the potato crop. The scientific committee consists of both Norwegian scientists and experts from other parts of Europe.

We plan one full day of excursions during the conference to visit potato growing areas, including social activities.

We have tried to keep the cost low to attract as many people as possible. The fees are calculated in the Norwegian currency NOK, which now is weak compared to EURO. That means to register now could be wise.

It is also possible to arrange separate workshops or network meeting one or two days before the conference at the conference venue. Please contact me if you are interested to discuss this.

The first connected workshop will be on the day before the EAPR conference, it is the 3rd International Spongospora Workshop, July 6, 2024.

Please forward the information about the conference within your network.
Arne Hermansen
President of EAPR

More information will apear on this website as the program evolves.

I hope to see you in Oslo in July 2024!


Arne Hermansen
(President of EAPR)



Important dates and deadlines



July 2023


Early bird rate ending

1st March 2024



8th April 2024






July 2023



15th January 2024





15th December 2023

Photo: E. Fløistad, NIBIO

Photo: Fara Mori/Visit Oslo


EAPR 2024 Scientific committee

Organising committee

Muath Alsheikh, Graminor AS, NO  Muath Alsheikh, Graminor AS
May Bente Brurberg, NIBIO, NO  Jan Arne Broen, BAMA AS *
Domenico Carputo, University of Naples, IT  May Bente Brurberg, NIBIO
Vincent Cesar, CRA-W, BE  Håvard Eikemo, NIBIO
Jean-Eric Chauvin, INRAE, FR  Erling Fløistad, NIBIO *
Kürt Demeulemeester, Inagro, BE  Borghild Glorvigen, NLR *
Laura Grenville-Briggs Didymus, SLU, SE Solveig Haukeland, NIBIO
Håvard Eikemo, NIBIO, NO  Pia Heltoft, NIBIO 
Adrian Fox, FERA, UK  Arne Hermansen, NIBIO *
Idit Ginzberg, ARO, Volcani Center, IL Kjersti Balke Hveem, NIBIO
Borghild Glorvigen, NLR, NO  Solveig Haugan Jonsen, Findus Norge AS
Jean Pierre Goffart, CRA-W, BE Anne-Helen Kalhovd, Maarud AS
Thilo Hammann, Julius Kühn-Institut, DE  Eldrid Lein Molteberg, NIBIO *
Solveig Haukeland, NIBIO, NO  Kari Munthe, NIBIO *
Kjersti Balke Hveem, NIBIO, NO  Ragnhild Nærstad , Syngenta
Erik Joner, NIBIO, NO  Simeon Rossmann, NIBIO
John Jones, James Hutton, UK Till Seehusen, NIBIO
Corne Kempenaar, WUR, NL  Annette Folkedal Schjøll, NIBIO
Jan Kreuze, CIP, PE Carl Spetz , NIBIO 
Alison Lees, James Hutton Institute, UK  Kristin Sørensen, NLR
Michel Martin, ARVALIS, FR Kirsten Tørresen, NIBIO
Andreas Meyer, Dethlingen Versuchsstation, DE   
Eldrid Lein Molteberg, NIBIO, NO  * Executive committee
Mariëlle Muskens, Agrico Research, NL   
Zsolt Polgar, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, HU  Others in tech. staff:
Simeon Rossmann, NIBIO, NO Ellen Schei Pongo, NIBIO
Annette Folkedal Schjøll, NIBIO, NO   
Till Seehusen, NIBIO, NO  
Carl Spetz, NIBIO, NO   
Paul Struik, WUR, NL   
Pia Heltoft Thomsen, NIBIO, NO   
Ian Toth, James Hutton Institute, UK   
Kirsten Semb Tørresen, NIBIO, NO   

What is included in the participant fee?

Participants and fees

Get together Sunday evening

Lunch and coffebreaks Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Reception Monday evening

Conference material


Conference dinner Thursday evening

NOK 6500,-/7500,-





Not included

Not included


NOK 8000,-/9000,-






Not included

Not included

NOK 4000,-





Not included

Not included

Keynote speaker





Not included

Not included

Participant one day
NOK 3000,-





Not included

Not included

Accompanying person
NOK 1500,-





Not included

Not included

 (x) Included the day of participation
(xx) Excursion Wednesday NOK 1000,-
(xxx) Conference dinner Thursday evening NOK 1500,-

If it is not possible to pay by card, please contact us by email: eapr2024@nibio.no


From Sunday July 7th 2024 at 17:00
To Friday July 12th 2024 at 15:00
Monday April 8th 2024 at 15:00


EAPR 2024 - Sustainable potato production

Advances and Applications of Potato Research


Program overview:

Scientific sessions will contain both oral and poster presentations.

The program will be organised in the following sessions.
Key notes with preliminary titles are listed and sub topics indicated:


1 Breeding robust cultivars

 Keynote: Ingo Hein, UK: Renseq: a fast-track method for development of potato pests and disease resistance markers from genome sequences

  • Genetics & genetic resources
  • New techniques & hybrid breeding (crispr, cis/trans mm.)
  • Resistance breeding

2 Improved potato health

 Keynote: May Bente Brurberg, N: Insects as vectors of pathogens

  • Viral diseases
  • Bacterial diseases
  • Certified seed

3 Integrated pest management  

 Keynote: Alison Lees, UK: Prevention and control of late blight

  • Late blight
  • Fungal diseases
  • Insects
  • Weeds
  • Disease control strategies (IPM)
  • Low risk pesticides, biostimulants, endophytes

4 Improved soil health

 Keynote: Laura Grenville-Briggs, S: Perspectives of biocontrol of soil borne pathogens and their microbiome interactions in potato

  • Chemical and physical factors
  • Biochar
  • Nematodes
  • Other soilborne organisms
  • Phytobiome

5 Agronomy and tuber physiology

 Keynote: Paul Struik, NL: New insight in seed tuber physiology

  • Seed physiology
  • Growing technique
  • Desiccation
  • Irrigation

 6 Precision technology in potato cultivation

 Keynote: Corne Kempenaar, NL: Towards data-driven precision crop management of potato
 Keynote: Søren Husted, DK: Next generation of more efficient fertilizers

  • Variable rate applications
  • Remote sensing
  • Engineering
  • DSS

 7 Sustainability in a changing climate  

 Keynote: Sarah Garré, B: The impact of climatic change on potato production: a focus on water management

  • Drought & heat resistance
  • Potato – a sustainable crop – carbon inventory
  • Production systems (Integrated, organic, regenerative)

 8 Post harvest

 Keynote: Nora Olsen, US: Preserving potato qualities in stores in a future with increasing constraints

  • Storage technology
  • Processing
  • Tuber quality

 9 Societal perspectives of potatoes

 Keynote: Monica Parker, Kenya: Potato: the smart crop for food security

  • Food waste
  • Consumer trends
  • Health effects
  • Food security

10 Connecting research to practice

 Keynote: Borghild Glorvigen, N: Success factors for transferring knowledge from science to growers
 Keynote: Ian Toth, UK: Linking science and industry

  • Experiences from different countries
  • Workshop



  • 7 different whole day excursions will be offered, all with both professional anc cultural content. Please find the full presentation of the different alternatives here. Please choose your preffered excursion when you register, including our second and third preference. The alternatives are subject to change, depening on demand.




Venue, travel and contact


The venue for the conference is Scandic Fornebu Hotel located in Oslo, close to the Oslo fjord. The hotel can accommodate more than 300 participants and has very nice facilities for the conference. The conference has negotiated a very good price for participants staying in this hotel. Our conference will benefit, both professionally and socially, if most of the attendants choose to stay in the same hotel. Hotel booking is part of your registration for the conference. Availability is first come, first serve, do not hesitate!

The conference dinner will be offered in the fashionable Holmenkollen Park hotell, a few km from the conference hotel. This hotel and restaurant is next to the Holmenkollen national ski arena, and has a magnificent view over the city of Oslo. The price of the conference dinner includes transport by bus from and to the conference hotel. Photo: Shyamal, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons




The street adress of the hotel is Martin Lingesvei 2, 1364 Fornebu

From Oslo Airport Gardermoen, travel by train to Skøyen train station, and change to bus no. 31 towards Fornebu/Snarøya for 6 stops. Getting off at IT Fornebu, the walking distance to the hotel is 398 m. Your train ticket from the airport to Skøyen is also valid on the bus, cost: 118 NOK.
If you chose a taxi from Skøyen, the price on a sunday afternoon will be aproximately 180 NOK.

Google travel directions


Student support

EAPR will financially support 10 PhD students to attend the 22nd Triennial Conference EAPR2024 in Oslo.
The support will reimburse registration fee, travel and accommodation cost. Rules and instructions on how to apply.


Application deadline is 15 December 2023.


Inquieries regarding the EAPR 2024 conference may be submitted below, or directly to eapr2024@nibio.no

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Call for abstracts

General information

  • Abstracts may be submitted for oral or poster presentations, in English only, by e-mail to eapr24abst@nibio.no  by 15 January 2024.
  • Abstract acceptance will normally be decided about 14 days after we have received the abstract.
  • Decision regarding oral or poster presentations will be notified by March 2024.
  • The scientific program and abstracts will be published online on the Conference and EAPR websites, submission of the abstract constitutes the Authors' consent to such publication.

Abstract submission guidelines

Before submitting your abstract, thank you for paying attention to the following guidelines:

  • Your abstract (without the title and the list of authors) must not exceed 2500 characters (including spaces)
  • In order to easily prepare the proceedings, we ask you to prepare your text in Times New Roman, size 12, single spaced.
  • Download the abstract template and fill inn the fields (if you intend to submit two abstracts, please make two files).
  • Save the abstract template as a Word file (.doc or .docx)
  • Rename the file(s) inserting your last name and the number 1 and 2 (for a second abstract) (i.e Smith1_EAPR2024_abstract.doc and Smith2_EAPR2024_abstract.doc)
  • Fill out the session number (1-10) from the Program, where you suggest your abstract belongs.
  • Send your abstract attached to an e-mail to: eapr24abst@nibio.no, indicate in the email if you prefer to give an oral or poster presentation.